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If you’re anything like millions of other Americans, you’d probably like to know how you can get the cheapest auto insurance from the top auto insurance companies. If that’s the case, then you can get cheap car insurance comparison by entering your zip code at the top of the page. However, getting car insurance quotes online isn’t the only way you can save on this necessary expense. Here are some of the other ways you can pay less for your car insurance.

Good Grades

For young people, car insurance can be particularly expensive. One way to combat this hike in your premiums is to excel in school. To car insurance companies, receiving good grades in school is an indicator of maturity and responsibility. This makes it statistically less likely that you’ll engage in reckless driving or other irresponsible behavior, a fact that can also save the insurance company a lot of money. In most cases, maintaining a B average is enough to qualify you for a student discount on your premiums.

Drive Less

The more you drive, the higher your risk is of being in an accident. Insurance companies know this, too, so you may see your premiums go up with the amount of driving you normally do. A good way around this is to cut back on your driving. Leave the car at home unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re within a reasonable distance, consider walking, bicycling or taking public transit in order to get around.

Shop Around

One of the best ways to get cheap car insurance is to shop around. If one company offers you rates you don’t like, then simply look around until you find the deal that best fits your needs and budget. An easy way to do this is by using the simple form at the top of the page to compare auto insurance rates.

The Bare Necessities

If you’ve got your vehicle insured to the gills, you might be wasting your money. While it can seem like a great idea to have your car covered under virtually any circumstance, it’s not usually practical. For example, if you drive an older model of car, it’s not likely to be worth very much. In this case, keeping it covered in case it gets totaled will usually cost you a lot more over time than you’d get from the payout. Unless your car is worth a lot of money, it’s better to just stick with the minimum coverage required in your state.

Plan Your Commute

If you regularly use your car to get to work or school, beware that the insurance company will take your route into account when they figure your premiums. If your commute takes you through hazardous or sketchy areas, this can dramatically increase the amount you pay each month. To cut costs, plan your route around these insurance pitfalls, even if the trip takes a bit longer. The money you save on car insurance will more than make up for the extra time and fuel.

Tying the Knot

Because men possess much higher testosterone than women, they are statistically more likely to drive recklessly. Insurance companies take this into consideration when insuring male drivers, especially young ones. However, married men can get a special discount on their premiums just for being married. Married men are considered to be more responsible and cautious than their single counterparts, so this makes them less of a risk for companies to insure.

Drive a Practical Car

If you’ve researched and compared cheap auto insurance quotes, you may have noticed that the price varies according to the make and model of vehicle. Insurance companies view your choice of vehicle as a representation of what you might do with it. Someone who owns a powerful sports car is more likely to do some reckless joyriding than a person who has a run-of-the-mill family car. When you don’t have a car that’s built for the purpose, it’s not as appealing to drive like a stunt racer.

Making Amends

Have you ever been pulled over for speeding, declared at-fault for an accident or otherwise caught driving recklessly? If so, then you’re probably still feeling the sting in your wallet from when your premiums soared. You shouldn’t despair, though. It’s possible to make amends and bring your car insurance back down to a reasonable price. Most insurance companies will shave off some of the cost if you complete a traffic safety course.

Drive a Safe Car

Before car new car models are released to the public, they’re thoroughly tested for safety by the manufacturer. One way they do this is by performing crash tests to see how the vehicle would hold up in any given accident. Some receive better ratings than others, indicating that they’re better able to protect you in a collision. The better your car’s overall safety rating is, the more you can save on insurance.

Discourage Theft

Although having a slew of extra features on your car can actually increase the cost of your premiums, there are some that can help you enjoy cheap auto insurance rates. Theft deterrents are among the most recommended features to add to any car. After you install a car alarm or a steering wheel lock, let your insurance provider know. This often qualifies you for big discounts, especially if you live in an area where car thefts and break-ins are common.

The Head Driver

When signing up for insurance, don’t be surprised if you’re asked who the car’s main driver will be. Keep in mind that the premiums will be partly based on the driver, so those with previous accidents or speeding tickets on record will naturally pay more. There is a loophole to this, however. To get the cheapest auto insurance, simply list someone else in your household as the main driver if their history is cleaner or they qualify for more discounts. It won’t be illegal or fraudulent if you keep driving the car. It’ll just be a whole lot less expensive.

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